Snuggy Best Diapers for Newborns

NB Size Diapers

Snuggy New-born Diapers can be worn by infants weighing below 5kg. Snuggy taped diapers for newborn are made for babies with waist size 35X26 cm. Snuggy tape diapers for a newborn baby are aloe vera treated and available in our Premium and Regular variants; while Snuggy newborn diaper pants are available in our Premium, Regular and Gold variants. Snuggy diapers are soft, comfy, and super-absorbent. Snuggy tape style diapers and pant style diapers for newborns also come with a built-in 'susumeter’ that changes colour from yellow to blue when a diaper change is due. As all Snuggy mothers know, “Neela Matlab Diaper Geela”.As all Snuggy mothers know, "Neela Matlab Diaper Geela" - our diapers are trusted and loved by parents for their quality and reliability.