Snuggy - Diaper L Size

Diaper Large size

Make diaper changes a breeze with Snuggy diapers, featuring an in-built wetness indicator. Designed for toddlers weighing between 9-14 kg, Snuggy diaper pants in the large size provide optimal support as your little one becomes more active and explores the world around them. For babies with a waist size of 48x31cm, Snuggy also offers taped diapers in the large size.
Our diapers are inspired by a mother's tender and loving care. You can easily purchase Snuggy Diapers L size online through platforms like Amazon or Flipkart, or find them at a store near you. If you have any inquiries or require assistance, our dedicated team is available at 1800 266 0640 or via email at
Choose Snuggy for diapers that prioritize your baby's comfort, protection, and your convenience. Experience the difference today!