Pant Style Diapers

The Snuggy Pant Style Diapers comes with a special colour-changing wetness indicator that turns from yellow to blue when the diaper reaches its full capacity. Its enhanced super-absorb core quickly soaks liquids avoiding spills and leaks; and super-soft, ultra-stretch waistband makes for a comfortable, snug wearing-experience for your baby. Affordable, chemical-free and ultra-light these pant type diapers are the gold choice for your baby.

Our Products


Snuggy Gold Diaper Pants

Available Sizes: NB, S, M, L, XL

Super-soft, anti-germs, with wetness indicator. 4+ hours of anti-leak protection.


Snuggy Premium Diaper Pants

Available Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Super-cushy, ultra-soft elastic band, anti-germs with wetness indicator. 5+ hours of anti-leak protection.

Snuggy Easy Diaper Pants

Snuggy Easy Diaper Pants

Available Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Super-soft, anti-germs, with wetness indicator. 4+ hours of anti-leak protection.

Snuggy Diaper Pants are available in three categories: Easy, Premium, and Gold based on the quality of materials used and the hours of coverage guaranteed. You can buy Snuggy Regular and Premium Diapers Pants online or at your local store in sizes: S, M, L or, XL. Snuggy Gold is available in S, M, L, XL and in NB.

Frequently Asked Questions

A breathable diaper allows for the passage of air through the diaper. It lets your baby’s skin breathe. A breathable diaper can reduce the risk of your baby developing diaper rashes and keeps your baby’s skin feeling soft and supple for a longer period. All Snuggy Baby Diapers are made with breathable back sheets that allow air to go in and out of the diaper! These breathable back sheets will maintain an optimum weather inside the diaper, neither too dry, nor too moist, but always fresh and healthy! So, the next time you are diaper online shopping, don’t forget to add Snuggy Diapers to your cart!

Our most premium product, Snuggy Gold Pants, is truly one of the best pant style diapers for newborns! Made with materials so soft and cushy that it’ll feel like a bum pillow to your baby’s bottom! Its Rapid Absorption Layers provide complete protection from spills and leaks, with side leak guards for extra safety. An ultra-soft flexi waistband, enriched with a unique Aloe Vera formula for enhanced skin care and a special anti-bacterial formula to protect your baby’s bottom from diaper rashes and infections. Comes with the Snuggy’s trademark susu-meter that changes color from yellow to blue to let you know the right time for a diaper change!

Most mothers prefer tape style diapers for their newborns for their many benefits. But, once your baby starts rolling and crawling, it’ll become quite a challenge to pin them down and change their diapers. But with pant diapers, disposing the soiled diaper and putting them into a fresh diaper can both be done efficiently and with ease! Once your baby learns to pull their pant diapers up and down, you can also potty train them with it and allow them to do their business on their own. You can buy Snuggy diaper pants online on Amazon and Flipkart. You will find everything from Snuggy Diaper pants for newborns to diaper pants XL at the same place!

Each has its own unique benefits that can’t be found in the other. Pant style diapers are easy to put on and take off as they do not require fastening and readjusting, making them convenient for both you and your baby. They also fit snuggly around your baby’s waist and legs to allow them more movement and freedom to play around. On the other hand, tape style diapers offer the best fit for your newborn with their refastenable tapes that allow adjusting according to your baby’s comfort. You can find both Snuggy diapers online on Amazon and Flipkart.

You mean the yellow line, right? If you see a blue line on your baby’s diaper then HURRY, it’s time for a diaper change! Let us lay it down easy and simple for you: Snuggy diapers come with a yellow wetness indicator that changes to blue when it gets wet, so if you see a blue line, then it’s a sign that the diaper is full. Hope that clears up your confusion. Snuggy diapers are one of the best nighttime diapers, so you really don’t have to change them as often as you might think.