Snuggy Premium Tape Diapers

Tape Style Diapers

Snuggy Premium Tape-Style Diapers were made with you as inspiration.

We see how tenderly you care for your baby’s skin—that’s what inspired our super-cushy diaper, cottony-soft, treated with aloe-vera.

We see how hard you work so your baby can be walking, laughing and learning—that’s what inspired our superior shape and refastenable Magic Grip Tapes so your baby can sleep, walk, jump, sing and crawl without any stains or leaks.

We see how hard you try to make just a little time for yourself amid work, home and the baby—that’s what inspired our Smart Wetness Indicator which turns from yellow to blue, saving you the effort of having to constantly check if the diaper is full.

At Snuggy we understand you and your baby.

Available Sizes: NB, S, M, L, XL

Manufacturer Nobel Hygiene Pvt Ltd
Incontinence Protector Type Baby Diaper
Age Range (Description) Small
Material free Latex Free
Reusability Disposable
Size S, M, L, XL
Net Quantity 42
Diaper Type Tape Style

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Frequently Asked Questions

A diaper that comes with a refastenable tape or sticker around the waist line is called a Tape Style Diaper.

Ask this question to any mother in Kerala, they will answer unanimously “Snuggies!”. Snuggies is India’s first baby diaper brand with 35 years of expertise in the diaper manufacturing business. Snuggy Tape Premium is one of the best we have to offer. Snuggy Tape Diapers for newborn baby is super-cushy, cottony soft and treated with aloe vera to prevent rashes and irritation. It also has a susu meter to save you the trouble of constantly having to check your baby’s diaper to see if it’s full.

Tough one! Both have their positives and their negatives. Tape Style Diapers come with refastenable tapes that allow you to remove and put the diaper on multiple times. They also may offer a better fit since the tapes are adjustable to your baby’s needs. You can buy Snuggy newborn taped diapers straight from online sites like Amazon and Flipkart.

1. Have your baby lie down on their back.
2. Lift your baby gently by the leg and place the diaper under your baby.
3. Place your baby down and lift the front part of the diaper over your baby’s tummy and fasten it.
4. If your baby is newborn, make sure the diaper’s front ends right under their navel.
There you have it! Easy, right?