Snuggy - XL Size Diapers

Diaper XL Size

The oldest Indian diaper brand, Snuggy makes its offerings keeping you and your little one in mind. Snuggy diaper pants XL in size will fit your little one perfectly if they weigh between 12-17 kg. Snuggy taped diapers XL in size are made for babies with waist size 52X31 cm. Snuggy XL size diapers for babies are equipped with a susumeter, so less time is spent checking for changes and more time is spent in playtime fun with mommy! Snuggy cares for your little one just like you, and this is why we make sure our diapers are anti-bacterial, harmful chemicals and toxins-free.
You can find Snuggy diaper XL online on Amazon/Flipkart or at the store closest to your home.