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The Best Baby Diapers in India

Snuggy Diapers are manufactured by Nobel Hygiene, one of Asia’s top three Diaper Manufacturing Companies. Ranked India’s ‘best nighttime diapers’ by parents from across the country, Snuggy combines comfort with ease-of-access. You can buy Snuggy Baby products online on e-commerce sites or at chemists and stores near you.

Using love and
technology to make the diaper

Snuggy Diapers Trusted By Indian Mothers

trusted by Indian mothers
for 35 years.

Snuggy Diapers Trusted By Indian Mothers

India’s first baby diaper brand, Snuggy was established in 1987. From then, till now, our motto has always been the same: Our users’ comfort first. You can find Snuggy Baby Diapers on sale on your most frequented online store, or at a pharmacy or general store close to your home.

Welcome To The World Of Snuggy Diapers


Not just a diaper, but a smart diaper.
Snuggy Gold is soft, super-absorbent, and tells you when it’s time to change.


More like a bum pillow

Side Leak-Guards
Side Leak-Guards

Protect against trickles and leaks

Rapid Absorption Layer
Rapid Absorption Layer

Keeps the baby dry and rash-free

Susu Meter
Susu Meter

To know the right time to change the diaper


So that baby is rash free

Odour Lock
Odour Lock

Traps the smell


“In Kerala,” a shopkeeper from Salem told us, “Diapers aren’t called diapers. They are called Snuggies.” A brand so old, so widely trusted, that it is synonymous with the category? We are proud, and humbled! Rest assured, whether you ask for a ‘Snuggy’, ‘Snug Pants’ or ‘Snuggies Overnight Diapers’, we will understand, and quality shall be served!

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Our entire range is designed keeping the baby’s growth and
the mother’s comfort in mind.

Our super-absorbent core, wetness indicator and anti-rash formula, makes Snuggy one of the best Overnight Diapers for infants. You can buy Snuggy Diapers online, or at a store close to your home. Diaper online-shopping hack: To verify the authenticity of Snuggy products check for our registered TM and our company name, printed on the front of every pack.

Frequently Asked Questions

Snuggy diapers, launched in 1987, is the first India-made baby diaper brand. Snuggy is not just a diaper but a smart diaper that understands your baby’s needs like no other. Snuggy diapers are super-cushy, ultra-soft and made with extra skin-protectants and anti-bacterial formula to keep your little one safe from rashes and redness. They also have a rapid-absorption layer to lock the wetness away from your baby’s skin; and leak guards to completely erase the fear of leakage. Top it all, Snuggy diapers come with a special ‘susumeter’ that changes color from yellow to blue when it’s time for a change!

The two styles of diapers you can use for your baby are Snuggy Pant-Style Diapers and Snuggy Tape-Style Diapers. Here’s the difference between them:
• Pant style diapers are pull-up style pant diapers. These pant style diapers support your baby’s movements and active lifestyle. Your baby can roll, crawl and loll about without any fear of the diaper coming off. For disposal, just tear at the sides, roll into itself and dispose!
• Tape Style Diapers on the other hand are worn with the help of readjustable sticky or velcro straps that fit your baby snuggly. These are meant for newborn babies or babies who are not as active. For disposal, you can unfasten the tapes, roll the diaper into itself and then dispose!
Both these styles of Snuggy Diapers are super-soft, ultra-absorbent and leak-proof, to help your baby stay cozy and comfortable. Snuggy Diapers are also aloe vera treated, 100% chemical-free and thoroughly quality-checked so that your little one never sheds a tear over rashes or irritation.

Snuggy Diapers have been dubbed ‘One of the best Nighttime Diapers’ by mothers across the country. Newborns often wake up at night, irritated because of a wet diaper. Diaper changes shouldn’t be a reason for compromise in your baby’s beauty sleep. Our most premium product, Snuggy Pants Gold guarantees 6+ anti-leak hours making it one of the best overnight diapers for newborns. You can buy Snuggy Diaper Small Size, Snuggy Diaper L Size or Snuggy Diaper XL, online or at a store close to you.

Snuggy diapers, enhanced with a super-absorbent core to quickly soak liquids, are the best Indian diaper for leakage. They also come with side-leak guards for extra protection against trickles down the thighs and side-spills. With Snuggy diapers, you don’t have to stress and can rest easy! A few things you can keep in mind to avoid leakages are:
• The diaper shouldn’t be too loose. You should only be able to fit two fingers inside the waistband of the diaper when it is worn.
• There should be no gaps in the leg cuffs.
• The diaper should cover the bum area of your little one completely.

No! Leaving a baby for too long in a soaked diaper can put them at the risk of developing diaper rashes and infections. We recommend sticking to the wear-limit mentioned on the pack of the baby diaper you are buying. Snuggy diapers can be worn for up to 6+ hours, depending on the variant, and come with a special wetness indicator that tells you when a diaper change is needed. You can buy Snuggy diapers online a store close to you.